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1)    WAF Summer Undergraduate Internship Programme
The WAF Summer Undergraduate Internship Programme is an annual ten-week capacity-building opportunity for qualified undergraduates to acquire professional and hands-on experience in various areas of NGO operations.
A successful Intern will have to undergo orientation and will have the opportunity to work alongside other Interns (local and international) and staff. Interns will also be able to co-create a work schedule with their supervisor, work individually on projects, and collectively as a team, as well as get feedback from the leadership team.
2)    Target
Undergraduate Students with an interest in the Development sector
3)    Application Opens/Closes
4)    Notice of Selection
5)    Internship Period
June to August
6)    Competencies to Learn
Technical Skills: (i) Research & Writing; (ii) Project Management; (iii) Public Engagement on health information, education and promotion etc;
Soft Skills: (i) Critical Thinking; (ii) Empathy; (iii) Interpersonal Relationship; (iv) Taking initiative; (v) Teamwork; (vi) Time Management etc.
7)    Fees
Successful Interns are required to pay a token amount to cover the following costs: (i) Administration; (ii) Accommodation; (iii) Training & Supervision; (iv) Consumables; and (v) Transportation. Interns will however be responsible for their feeding.