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Why We Do


High incidence of teenage pregnancy; rape and gender-based violence.
Most secondary schools don't teach ARH comprehensively.
Low comprehensive knowledge of ARH (30.7% of 7 billion population of Ogun State).
Increasing prevalence of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases.
Four Youth Friendly Centres in Ogun State, resulting in only few of the Adolescents and young persons having access to SRH services. 
Inadequate funding of ARH by the State Government.


Health coverage is not universal.
Many residents of rural and peri-urban communities are prone to ill-health and occupational hazards, but accessibility to healthcare services is not an easy one.
Most households in underserved areas do not have access to national health insurance scheme.
On the average, out-of-pocket payment for medical services is expensive, and this negatively impacts household income.
Facilitating health outreaches for underserved communities bring healthcare services closer to the people.